Bath & Body Scent Descriptions

 Saltwater Haven

An overall scent of coastal roads and the ocean. This brings about the feel of being by the sea, next to a beautiful windswept shore. It has a blend of freesia, fresh lime and lavender. Base notes of amber and sandalwood. Go for this if you enjoy the scent of the ocean.

Lady Bloom

An overall scent of mandarin and bergamot. This delicate piece has the mix of violet, jasmine and orchids. A flowery scent  on a base of sandalwood, vetiver amber and musk. Go for this if you enjoy a good ol' floral scent


Champagne Whispers

An overall scent of pink champagne. This scent can be describe as a combination of sweet passion fruit with a tinge of guava notes.
Go for this if you love a sweet exotic scent.


An overall scent of  Yuzu and Japanese Roses . This scent has a zesty yuzu note, lingering taste of citrus. And to complete that, it has the notes of Japanese roses with the aroma of grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and bergamot. Go for this if you enjoy citrus scents.


Indigo Moon
Indigo Moon is a rich and seductive scent with floral notes. Reminiscent of a moonlit walk after dark in a mysterious garden, this scent has notes of grapefruit, nutmeg, leather, and clove. 
Sleeping Lavender
This smells like a mix of lavender, white musk, patchouli, eucalyptus and fir needle. It also has hints of fresh pear with base notes of amber. Basically, if you need a good night sleep, you need this.


Morning Ritual
An overall scent of Green Tea and Lemongrass . This scent can be described as a combination of green tea, lavender with clean notes of lemongrass and amber. Go for this if you enjoy refreshing scents.