Our story


Emporal Co is a mythical candles and skincare brand and the home of #emporalco. But its more than just a brand - Emporal Co has grown into a community of friends and it all started with a Christmas Gift ! 

Emporal Co is started by 2 sisters from Singapore, Grace and Lena. 
A few years back, I ( Grace ) moved to Paris for my studies and work and my Aunt May gave me a candle to use while I was there. Back then, I have never used a candle before and it was one winter and I was alone during Christmas when I decided to light the candle to enjoy the Christmas Spirit. 

I realised how much warmth a candle gave me and how much I loved the smell and the atmosphere it created. This was when I started falling in love with candles. 

A few years later , I returned back to Singapore during the start of Covid outbreak and started a candle and skincare business with my sister, Lena. 

We have an amazing chemistry as siblings and I always felt that we could do something together. 

Fast forward 10 months later, we went from making candles and skincare in our parent's living room to now having our own showroom and warehouse to bring the joy of candles and bath products to thousands of people all over the world.

Im really happy and proud of how far we have come and I hope to have a team in future ! However, no matter how far we go, we will always be first and foremost a sister and family business. With my Mom, Jasmine helping us prep and clean our candles and my Dad, Mike handling storage etc, there is so much love that goes into creating each and every product we produce.

As for the Sphinx logo and why did we chose this particular design, my sister and I have always loved magical creatures and we really adore how the sphinx is a mix of a human, a lion and an bird. Its a beautiful being and I felt that it really represents Emporal as a brand.

I always believe that life is too short to not pursue what you want. Dream big and make your dreams a reality. I believe that if you are consistent in your passion and putting in hard work, there is nothing you cannot achieve. So don't be afraid to start living !

 Signing off, 
Emporal Co, by the sisters Grace & Lena.