CNY Red Packet Celebration

Happy Chinese New Year!


In Chinese culture, giving and receiving red packets, or Ang Pao, symbolises good luck and prosperity for the year ahead!

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and we wish to share this luck with our Emporal Co. customers as well. For orders placed between 9 Feb 2024 to 18 Feb 2024, each parcel will contain 🧧 FREE red packet 🧧 that contains a surprise gift of up to a $50 voucher! ! 

We wish all our wonderful customers Luck and Prosperity for the Year of the Dragon!

Get your lucky Ang Paos now!

Limited to one per customer, minimum order $10.


Red packets will contain one item from the following: 
- One Discount Voucher of varying values ($2, $3, $5, $8, $10, $20, $50) or;
- Samples containing released/upcoming products or scents or;
- Vouchers to redeem a singular product from Emporal Co. or;
- Other goodies and benefits! 


1. Vouchers are denominated in Singapore currency and is not transferable, replaceable or exchangeable for cash. Any outstanding amount that is not utilised will be forfeited.
2. Vouchers are only valid for purchase of Emporal Co. items on Vouchers are not applicable for purchases on other platforms. 
3. This Voucher is only good for a single transaction. Only one Voucher can be used per transaction. No refund shall be given if the value of the Voucher exceeds the amount payable for the transaction. If the value of the Voucher(s) used in a transaction does not cover the full cost of the transaction, the balance must be paid by the Voucher holder.
4. This Voucher must be redeemed by 31 July 2024.
5. Emporal Co. shall not be held responsible for any claim, demand, loss, cost, expense or liability of any kind whatsoever, arising from or in connection with any transaction or dealing between the shop and the Voucher holder.