Shadow Art Candles - our candles glow!


Enter into a world of glowing lights, of shimmering shadows.  

A unique feature of some of our candles and holders is how the lights emitted from the flame cause a glow to disperse throughout any surface you place it on. Above, Ice Crystal Candle Holder gives off a brilliant array of shadows with any tealight candle, making it suitable to set the mood for a romantic dinner, or add atmosphere to a room. 

Emporal's Goblet CandleEmporal's Goblet Holder 

Doubling as both a candle and a holder, beautiful lights beam from our Emporal's Goblet as the flame flickers inside it. A stunning addition to any table or room, this Goblet is the perfect centerpiece to watch and dazzle your friends and families with that wonderful glow. 

Fairy Jars


Enter a World of Magic with our Emporal's Fairy Jar series.

With the light from the candle, a shadow of a fairy will appear on your wall, dancing with the flicker of flames. Or watch as the fire laps at the silhouettes of each fairy, giving life to a magical fluttering fairy in a candle. 

Reusable Clear Candle Cups | Reusable Bronze Candle Cups

Coming in two gorgeous shades, our Reusable Candle Cups gives of rays of light akin to a sun, scattering over the walls and surface the candle is placed on. Watch as how the angles of rays change as the wax melts, diffusing a scent of your choice into the air. 


Things to take notes of:

  • The intensity of the image will depend on the lighting of your room, the surroundings. 
  • One suggestion will be place the cup on an empty table to achieve maximum effect.
  • Do take note that this light effect will appear 1/4 or midway of the candle, candle holders are an exception. 
  • head to our Instagram page, or Tiktok to view more of this effect in action!