Thrifted Vintage Finds ( Limited Edition )

Emporal gives back.

In short, these are a series of thrifted vintage jars, containers, anything really, which we will convert into one of a kind candles with your chosen scent.

These vessels are bought from charity shops all around the world and are truly one of a kind items. Portion of the proceeds will be given back to charities that we bought the jars from.

How does this work?

  1. Every couple of weeks, we will release a couple of limited edition jars
  2. You will  pick which vessels you prefer and the scent that you wish to have. 
  3. Wait for it to be made and then shipped to you
  4. After tallying, portions of the proceeds will be given back to the respective charities your jar is obtained from

Its that simple!

Why did we want to start this?

Personally, we grew up in a family that loves anything vintage and old. Supporting Charity shops has been something we did for many years and now with this in mind we are able to give back even more!

We appreciate the existence of charity organizations and how much they help the community. We understand how important it is to give back to society. If you have the means to help, do it.

Note: Items will be first pay basis and scents will be subjected to availability. Once the jar is sold, there is no restocks as the jars are one of a kind.