Body Lotion Bundle Set

Body Lotion Bundle Set

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Choose 3 of your favourite scented Body Lotion


Read about the bath and body scent descriptions here

  • Body Lotion Details
    Size 200ml

    • Vessel : Plastic Bottle
    • Contents : Liquid Body Lotion


Wax : Each candle is made with premium soy wax
Wicks : Each candle is made with pure cotton wicks
Fragrances : Each candle is made with a selection of unique fragrances

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Baby girl N
Positive Feedback

Omgg!! One of the best smelling body wash!! Will repurchase again!

Lovely lotion, never too much

Really love the set of lotion I bought. They do live up to the hype that is buzzing ard ista. The lavender scent reminds me of this goats milk lotion that I loved a while back but forgot abt it. The salt heaven does smell a bit more manly whereas geisha smells like a mix of jasmine and roses, rather feminine. The texture seems thick but melts on your skin leaving it feeling moisturised but not oily, quite amazing.

Great Quality Lotion!

Have already bought a few bottles over numerous orders, and have plans to restock once I've used up the lotions completely! The lotions smell awesome, and they are also effective for dry skin! Have been suffering with dry, cracked skin (especially when I travel to very cold countries or during winter season), and have spent a lot of money on other brands of lotions to no avail. Did not have much hope when I tried out the lotion the first time, but I was very surprised to see how the lotion was well-absorbed into the skin. Can feel the change in my skin after application, and after a few times, my skin is no longer as dry and cracked as before. Highly recommended, especially the all-time favourite scent Saltwater Haven! (:

Josephine Yue
Absolutely love it!

Love the scent and how it feel on my skin. My skin is not so dry after using it.

Fabian Aw
Great fragrance

Saltwater scent was light and fragrant, I can see why it is a favourite. Champagne whispers was quite sweet smelling. The lotions were quite thick and longlasting.