Mystery Box - Grace & Lena’s Pick💝
Mystery Box - Grace & Lena’s Pick💝
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mystery Box - Grace & Lena’s Pick💝

Mystery Box - Grace & Lena’s Pick💝

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Tired of making decisions or cant decide at all ?

Let us decide for you! 

Let me know only your scent preferences, you can tick as many as you want.
Also let me know if you have any form of allergies  so that I can avoid sending that item.

In your Sphinx Mystery Box, you can get a variety of

Candles, Body Lotions, Body Wash, Body scrubs, Candle Holders, Sphinx Merch , Room Sprays, Hand Sanitizers  and even unreleased products. 



Please only state 1 preference. For example if you have eczema, let me know and I will give products suitable for eczema. Or if you have been eyeing 1 particular product in particular, you can write a note that says " I'm keen to try your candles".

Or if you have no preferences at all and wish to be surprised, just leave the notes blank and we will surprise you. We generally give a mix of items from the range of products we have. 

Which box to pick 

The more expensive the box, the more goodies are in ! I usually like to recommend at least a $60 box and up, we are able to give more variety that way.

Most people tend to purchase the $60 or the $100 box.

Waiting time

Mystery Boxes also have a slightly longer waiting time as we need to individually prepare and curate your box! 


The image below is an example of what you might get in a $60 box, we tend to give slightly more than the value you paid ! For example, if you get a $60 box you might receive a value of up to $70 etc.

As each box is curated differently depending on your preferences , what you might get is different as well.


The mystery box packaging might come in a box or in a kraft paper packaging or a translucent mesh black bag depending on your order and quantity.

 NOTE: Free shipping and discounts are not applicable for this product


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
A.P wife
Will repurchase

Bought $100 Large mystery box to test out different scent
Seller was kind to pack a whole range of products and now I found what suits me the best
Recommend to get mystery box so will get more varieties.

Nice products

I love it very much ! Thanks

Nina Catrina Sara
Sphinx Mystery Box

Loved the content of my Mystery Box especially the Body Lotion AND the Sanitizer!!! Now I've got 2 options of Body Lotion; Champagne Whispers (new) and Saltwater Haven (current)! =D

Shu Hui Ang
Mystery Box XL

Received the box with excitement varieties of products in the box… Love it… can’t wait to use them…

Worth Every Penny

I have been following EmporalCo on IG for a long while. Contemplated to buy initially, because I had very distinctive likings to certain scents and how these scents can help eased myself at the end of the day.

Finally decided to get my hands on the XL box and to my surprise, it contained the items that I had added to my cart for the longest, without checking out.

Lavender Room Spray - the best scent to ease my running mind before bed. Especially love using it for my meditation and stretching sessions.

Body Scrub - It whitens my skin at the very first try. I am still in disbelief

Body Lotion (Seasalt Heaven) - Smells like a Spa.

Body Wash (Champagnes Whisper) - Makes me smell like a Candy Bar. Especially good to use before going out on a date. (Together with their lotion).

You will just smell soooo good for a couple of hours

Sphinx Bag - so convenient to use! And my go-to bag for work.

Sphinx Keychain - Cute and Dainty

White Fir Candle - Best unwind candle.
Can I say? This is also the best scent during raining days.

Feels like on a holiday, sitting next to a full length window. Drinking a good cup of coffee/tea, hearing the rain drops.

This scent feels like a holiday trip.