Sphinx Mystery Box
Sphinx Mystery Box
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Sphinx Mystery Box

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Tired of making decisions or cant decide at all ?

Let us decide for you! 

Let me know only your scent preferences, you can tick as many as you want.
Also let me know if you have any form of allergies  so that I can avoid sending that item.

In your Sphinx Mystery Box, you can get a variety of

Candles, Body Lotions, Body Wash, Body scrubs, Candle Holders, Sphinx Merch , Room Sprays, Hand Sanitizers  and even unreleased products. 



We will try our best to fit your requests as much as possible, if you like something in particular, feel free to message me and if its available and possible, I will add them.

Please only state 1 preference. For example if you have eczema, let me know and I will give products suitable for eczema. Or if you have been eyeing 1 particular product in particular, you can write a note that says " I'm keen to try your candles".

Or if you have no preferences at all and wish to be surprised, just leave the notes blank and we will surprise you. We generally give a mix of items from the range of products we have. 


Which box to pick 

The more expensive the box, the more goodies are in ! I usually like to recommend at least a $60 box and up,  we are able to give more variety that way.

Most people tend to purchase the $60 or the $100 box.

Waiting time

Mystery Boxes also have a slightly longer waiting time as we need to individually prepare and curate your box! 


The image below is an example of what you might get in a $60 box, we tend to give slightly more than the value you paid ! For example, if you get a $60 box you might receive a value of up to $70 etc.

As each box is curated differently depending on your preferences , what you might get is different as well.


The mystery box packaging might come in a box or in a kraft paper packaging or a translucent black bag depending on your order and quantity.


NOTE: Free shipping and discounts are not applicable for this product


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love the Surprise!

I ordered the item before my trip and left instructions to ship out the items after my trip. It was such a wonderful surprise to receive this after my trip (at least not feeling that horrible at the end of a holiday cos’ of this mystery box).

The items are worth more than what I paid and i’m so glad I’ve made this choice.

Time to Self-Pamper

Have bought small/medium/extra large mystery boxes as I like surprises + I don't really know what to choose sometimes. Plus, it feels like a gift to myself (haha), and I love all the products that have been delivered! My mother took the Sphinx Bag and has been using it daily. The scents that come in each boxes are also awesome; great recommendations based on the type of scents I prefer! (:

Will recommend to get to pamper self. You will not be disappointed with the quality and quantity of the items within!

Reiko Tan
Emporal. Co read my MIND!!! 🤯

First purchase and being the indecisive me.. bought a mystery box cause everything looked so interesting! Yet to try the scents too so naturally mystery box was a great idea! Honestly, I can’t remember what were the scents I chose for the mystery box cause I’m forever so indecisive 🤣 but I’m loving the items I received!!!! It’s as if Emporal. Co could guess what’s gonna be in my next order 🤣 coaster smells AMAZING??? Like it’s so calming I don’t even know how…. Thank you for reading my mind!!!!


Love the divine smell and I smell like a goddess all day long 🥰👸

Last long scented

I love the mystery box u chose. Saltwater haven like baby powder a mild smell. Now i want to buy the bodywash and bodysurb in the future not now hahaa on tight bugdet!